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Chicago Home Additions

Living in Chicago there can be a number of reasons that inspire you to think about building a home addition. It could be a result of a changing lifestyle, a growing family, or just the decision to put unused space in the yard to good use. Whatever your reason, when you need an addition to your home in Chicago, you need a professional general contractor that will not just add space to your house, but do so in a way that is functional, beautiful and that adds value.

Chicago Remodelers Specializing in Home Additions

Home construction and home additions require significant experience, vision, and expertise. When you decide to grow your living space, you cannot rely on any contractor who is a jack-of-all trades or simply bids the lowest price. An addition is not a minor alteration to your house’s design that you can easily fix if it is not done correctly. It is a change that is very costly to reverse and requires the experience and expertise of a seasoned general contractor. This is why it is imperative that you look for a licensed service provider with an experienced team and technical experts.

Chicago Home Additions

Room Additions Done by Areté Renovators

At Areté Renovators, we have been providing comprehensive home construction services, including room additions for 18 years. When it comes to growing your living space, we believe that creating a space that is functional and beautiful is equally as important as being technically sound from a construction-standpoint.

With this in mind, we take home addition projects as a sophisticated process and work with you in building beautiful rooms that also add to the function of your living space and to the value of your home. As a process, we divide additions into the following simple phases:

  • Design: We sit with you and take note of your preferences, so our construction design experts can then create a plan that delivers the greatest value based on what you want. With certified professionals working on your design, you can rest assured we will not compromise on regulatory compliance and will create a functionally safe space that is beautiful.
  • Construction: Once the plans are ready and approved, our construction team will take over. The materials we use for this phase are based on residential construction standards set by the state, so you can rely on the quality of construction and feel safe using your new room.
  • Finishing: Once the room has been built, our team will provide the most high-quality finishes based on your specific taste, adding beauty and value to your new space.

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Areté Renovators have been specializing in Chicago home additions for 18 years. We will help make your vision become a reality by working with you from the initial concept phases all the way through construction and finishes. Our goal is not only to create a safe and functional space for our clients but a space that adds a beautiful design element to each unique space. To schedule an initial consultation with our team, contact us today by calling (773) 610-4551.

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