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Chicago Garage Remodelers

Garage remodeling in Chicago has become more popular as garages have become a transitional space, serving as an extension of our indoor living area. Living in a city, it is important to maximize every square foot of livable space. With the addition of a garage rooftop deck or an extended pad to accommodate a woodworking area or projector screen, you can create a multi-functional space.

Chicago garage remodeling


Garage Storage Updates

Make the most out of your garage with custom built-ins, modular storage solutions, and efficient designs. Every design and storage solution is customized to fit the client’s needs:

  • Golf, ski, and sports equipment storage
  • Bicycle racks
  • Accessible overhead general storage
  • In-wall recessed cabinetry
  • Modular tool and workshop organization solutions
  • Automotive lifts for car collectors
  • Secure parking-area storage for multi-unit buildings


The 21st-Century Garage

Technology advances have allowed for major design integrations and new trends to emerge. Some of the cutting-edge and creative projects we manage include:

  • Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant, tire-safe flooring
  • Electric car outlets and retrofits
  • Skylights, windows, and glass garage doors
  • Elevated roof to accommodate 2-story car lifts
  • Conversion to workshop and studio space
  • Soundproofing, ventilation, and insulation

garage remodelers in Chicago


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Call us at (773) 610-4551 for a professional perspective on how best to implement your garage design dreams. With our experience and drive to educate our clients, Areté Renovators can help guide you through your conventional or creative garage renovation. Whether you’re looking for a period-faithful refresh or a cutting-edge update, we can help.

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