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Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago


Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home remodeling projects we do in the Chicago area. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and is often a gathering place when there are guests. Preparing family meals every day takes a lot of work and patience, and it becomes all the more difficult with a poorly designed, dated kitchen. The good news is if you are not happy with the way your kitchen looks and functions now, you can hire a professional team to design and remodel your kitchen.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago

A number of businesses are listed in Chicago as professional providers of kitchen remodeling services, and each may have its own techniques and process. At Areté Renovators, we have completed countless kitchen remodels across the greater Chicago area and always achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As a professional kitchen remodeler, we have developed a comprehensive process for optimum results. The kitchens we design and build for our clients keep in mind their expectations and budget. With a tried-and-tested system of techniques, we develop a service overview and, upon your approval, start building your new kitchen. Some of the kitchen remodeling services we provide include:

  • Expansion: If your existing kitchen is tight and you have room to expand, one option may be to discuss our kitchen expansion services where we use any free room around your kitchen to expand its area and put it to better use.
  • Renovation: We are experts in complete kitchen renovations. With your objectives in mind, we will draw out a new layout for your kitchen and provide you quality service from start-to-finish given your taste and budget.
  • Countertops: If you are looking for new kitchen countertops, we can help you choose the right material as well as install it in your kitchen. Come to our showroom to choose from a variety of options.
  • Cabinets: We can also build, design, and install custom kitchen cabinets for your new or existing space.

Consult with Expert Chicago Kitchen Remodelers

Over the past 18 years, Areté Renovators has worked on thousands of projects and are experts in high-end kitchen remodels. If you are in the Chicago area and are considering adding value to your home by remodeling your kitchen, contact us today at (773) 610-4551 to schedule a consultation.


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