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Lincoln Square Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to Lincoln Square bathroom and kitchen remodeling, Areté Renovators have built a reputation of quality and service unmatched in Chicago. We offer extensive remodeling, renovation, and expansion services for Lincoln Square homeowners and specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Our services are backed by over 18 years of experience helping Chicago homeowners – including Lincoln Square – create the perfect kitchen and bathroom that fit their vision within their dream home. We provide a comprehensive service that starts with design & functionality and continues with quality finishes and construction all while not losing sight of our clients’ budget.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen in Lincoln Square, let us show you why we are right for the job. Schedule a free consultation today by clicking here or calling us at (773) 610-4551.

Lincoln Square Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers

Customer satisfaction is one measure we use to gauge whether a kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation was a success or not. This philosophy for home remodeling motivates us to provide the best possible service for our clients throughout the greater Chicago area.

We strongly believe that a professional team’s work should always outshine its competition and carry a delicate combination of visual quality, aesthetics, and functionality.

We believe what we do for our clients is an artistic service, driven by the motivation of rebuilding something highly important in their everyday lives to provide its best version in terms of usability and looks.

Full-Range Services For Lincoln Square Bathroom Remodel

We offer a full spectrum of solutions for your Lincoln Square bathroom remodel. Using cutting-edge technology, proven techniques, and industry best practices, we ensure we deliver a high-end remodel within your budget and in the shortest time possible. We offer:

  • EXPANSION: Our team can help you add to the amount of space your bathroom currently occupies if your home has the space to do so.
  • RENOVATION: We can completely renovate your entire bathroom layout with a new floor plan, new finishes, and high-end construction to add functionality and beauty to your space and value to your home.
  • REDESIGN: We offer this service to clients who do not want to invest in an entire Lincoln Square bathroom remodel. Our team will give suggestions on what you can do to make a big impact that is more economical than a complete gut-rehab.
  • ADDITION: Growing Chicago families need a bathroom addition in the residence, and we know just how to make this addition seamless with your family’s needs in mind.
  • CONVERSION: If you want to convert a spare room to a bathroom, this could be a possibility that our team can discuss with you.

Complete Solutions For Your Lincoln Square Kitchen Remodel

We provide services for your kitchen remodel in Lincoln Square and deliver quality that is affordable. Our Lincoln Square kitchen remodeling services include:

  • EXPANSION: Often used by clients who have recently moved into a new house, this service enables them to expand their old small kitchen by taking in additional space.
  • RENOVATION: A full kitchen renovation project requires significant, planning and project management. Our team takes all of this off your hands while rethinking your kitchen’s functionality and best utilizing the space. We also keep in mind your kitchen’s visual beauty and make sure that the design fits your style, adding value to your home.
  • COUNTERTOPS: We can guide you in selecting materials such as countertops using our expansive catalog and delivering exactly what you want.
  • CABINETS: If you are completely gut rehabbing your kitchen, chances are you will need new cabinets installed in your Lincoln Square kitchen. Our team can assist you in selecting the best cabinets at competitive prices.

Consult with an expert lincoln square Chicago bathroom & kitchen renodeler

We have been serving homeowners in Chicago build beautiful bathrooms and kitchens through high-end renovation projects for nearly 20. We take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously and strive to provide the highest quality service we can. To schedule a free consultation for your Lincoln Square bathroom and kitchen remodel, call us today at (773) 610-4551.

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