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Chicago Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling is an enormous undertaking. Windows, doors, roofing, siding: You do each of these major home remodel and renovation projects approximately every ten to twenty years depending on their useful life. They are investments that reap residual benefits – lower energy costs, insurance breaks, increased equity. Quality materials and craftsmanship add to the value of your home.



Chicago Exterior Remodelers

Chicago winters are almost as hard on roofs as they are on the roads. Consumers need to be aware and educated on their roof’s ability to withstand the added weight from a winter’s worth of ice and snow. The underlayment is just as if not more important than the tile, shingle, or metal overlay. The underlayment is essential in weatherproofing your roofing system. While the shingle or tile overlay helps the directional flow of runoff, it serves more of a cosmetic purpose.

New technology has made it possible to get any finish look you want. Do you want the appearance of terra cotta tile or cedar shingle — without all the maintenance? Maybe you’re interested in something that uses reclaimed materials or sustainable manufacturing practices. If you can dream it up, we can deliver.


Siding is both a visually and architecturally important aspect of a building. It also protects the structure and insulates the interior.

We can help you select an aesthetic within your budget range. For home additions and new construction, it is important to ensure that old and new mesh seamlessly. We can help keep your design flowing from interior into exterior elements, providing the beauty and aesthetic integrity that you envision.

Window Replacement

Looking out or looking in, you’re looking through windows. We have experience with everything from Tiffany stained glass to the newest ultra-efficient layered, coated barrier windows. We also work with the interior and exterior elements to seamlessly integrate your choices into the rest of your home.

You probably already know the benefits of window replacement: lower heating and AC bills, better UV protection, better moisture barriers, clearer views. When you do it right, it’s worth it.

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Areté Renovators provides the experience, skill, service, and knowledge you need to make your investment pay off. We know the unique demands of both new and classic buildings in the North Shore and throughout Chicago’s most iconic neighborhoods: Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village, Lakeview, Gold Coast, Old Town, River North, and West Loop, to name a few. Ask around — we’ve probably completed projects for some of your neighbors. Contact us today at (773) 610-4551 today for an estimate.


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